Our Practice

Knowledge and compassion

To me, there’s no greater honor than someone selecting me to assist them through the legal process associated with a death. I’ve sat down with hundreds of people over the years. I’ve seen a wide variety of situations, but I will not ever tell you I know how you feel because it’s different for everybody.

The loss of a loved one is never easy, but we strive to make it less overwhelming by making the legal ramifications as straightforward as possible.

As a small firm, we have the opportunity to get to know our clients and their families personally. In some cases, we have worked with three generations of the same family over an extended period of time. Our collaborative process ensures that our clients have the information and guidance they need to proceed confidently with their estate planning decisions. 

I believe that being a lawyer is about serving. All of us at this firm chose the estate-planning field because we see it as an opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives at a difficult moment of transition. 

-- Ken Leach

A Proactive Approach

Estate planning is a bit like ranching. It’s easier to prepare and do the work up front than it is to solve problems down the line. Rather than be the ranch hand who has to gather animals all over the range after they have escaped from the coral, we prefer to keep them in the coral, and keep things orderly.

We do everything we can to prepare our clients so the difficult decisions are made in advance and the plans for the disposition of the estate are up to date.

This proactive approach fosters clear thinking and leads to decisions that make the most sense for your family and your finances. We believe that while tax efficiency is an important part of estate planning, the most important component is the effect on the family. We help our clients make informed choices well in advance so that a plan is in place for any eventuality.